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Main Bearing IH F12 F14, A B C + .002
Main Bearing IH F12 F14, A B C + .002
Price:  $112.54
Catalog Number:   FP22208
IH Number:
Tractor Models: 140, 230, 240, A, B, C, Cub, F, Super A
Year Range:
Call to Order: 888-288-0550
Detailed Description:
.002" size main bearings for F12 and F14; A, B, C, Super A, 100, 130, Super C, 140, 200, 230, 240 Gas with C113, or C123 engines.
Quantity to order to complete your overhaul: 1

Bearings are made with "precision tolerances" for longer engine life. Our bearings are engineered to high precision standards for performance satisfaction.
Oversized bearings are listed for slightly worn or crankshafts that have been ground.

Main Bearing IH F12 F14, A B C + .002

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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