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International Harvester Piston Kit 3.87" Piston
International Harvester Piston Kit 3.87
Price:  $239.70 each
Catalog Number:   FP28499
IH Number: Piston, Rings, Liners
Tractor Models:
Year Range:
Call to Order: 888-288-0550
Detailed Description:
3.87" Piston, Piston Rings, Piston Pin, Piston Clips, Liner and Liner Seals. Three ring piston type. Piston kit for diesel applications.
Part Reference Numbers: 3139591R96
Fits Models: 1046 TRACTOR; 1055 SWATHER/WINDROWER; 1055XL; 1056 TRACTOR; 1056XL; 2400 INDUST/CONST; 248; 3220 TRACTOR; 4210 TRACTOR; 454; 464 TRACTOR; 484; 485; 485XL TRACTOR; 495 INDUST/CONST; 5230 TRACTOR; 574 TRACTOR; 633; 640; 674 TRACTOR; 684 TRACTOR; 685; 685XL TRACTOR; 695 TRACTOR; 695XL; 724; 743; 743XL; 744; 745S TRACTOR; 745XL; 833; 840 INDUST/CONST; 940; 955 SWATHER/WINDROWER; 955XL; 956; 956XL; D179 ENG; D239 ENG; D358 ENG

International Harvester Piston Kit 3.87

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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