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Price: $--

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15" Diameter Steering Wheel

Please call us and let us know your model and the steering shaft diameter, size & style and you will have one on its way to you in just days.

Price: $59.32

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1st & Reverse Gear For Farmall Cub (1947-1979) & Cub Lo-Boy 154, 184, 185.
IH Number: 350867R1

This is a 1st and Reverse Gear for Cub (1947-1979)and Cub Lo-Boy and Cub Lo-Boy 154, 185, 184.

Price: $39.95

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1st & Reverse Sliding Gear - Farmall CUB, CUB LO-BOY
IH Number: A-350867R1

1st & Reverse Sliding Gear

Price: $41.40

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1st & reverse sliding Gear for Cub, cub lowboy

this Gear has 13 teeth and Weighs .25 lbs.

Price: $44.22

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2ND & 3RD SLIDING GEAR --- 17 & 26 TEETH --- International Applications: CUB (SN 501 - 192112) --- Replacement Part #: IH 350868R1

Price: $70

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3-Point Torque Shaft : 1066, 1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 1468, 1566, 1568
IH Number: 392085R3

3-Point Torque Shaft fits 1066, 1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 1468, 1566, 1568 This shaft replaces Part number 392-085R3

Price: $299.95

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~PRODUCT DISCONTINUED~ 4TH & 5TH SLIDER GEAR --- 31 TEETH --- USA MADE --- International Applications: SUPER H --- Replacement Part #: IH: 358023R1, 358218R1

Price: $225

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656 Hydro Transmission Service Manual

Price: $59.99

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Ball kit
IH Number: 55975DAT

Price: $91.23

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Belt Pulley Block Off Plate - M

If you want to take off your flat belt pulley this is the plate that you will need to cover the hole.

Price: $39.95

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Belt Pulley Block Off Plate -H

If you want to take your flat belt pulley off, you will need this plate to cover the hole.

Price: $44.95

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Belt Pulley Shaft Oil Seal - Farmall A
IH Number: 48954D

Price: $13.64

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Bottom cover Gasket - 450, 450D
IH Number: 359149R2, 359149R4

This is the bottom cover gasket.

Price: $13.95

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Bull Pinion Shaft Bearing Cage Ring Seal
IH Number: 4222d

Bull Pinion Shaft Bearing Cage Ring Seal. For Farmall H, Super H, And Super HV Requires 2 per Tractor. Replaces IH Part Number 4222d.

Price: $48.77

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Bull Pinion Shaft Oil Seal - M, MD.
IH Number: 45073D, 357969R91, 357975R91, 610870C92

This is the seal for the bull pinion shaft.

Price: $27.40

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Cam bushing
IH Number: 63942H

Price: $9.95

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Clutch Disc - 154 Cub Lo-Boy
IH Number: 404640r93

New clutch disc for 154 Cub Lo-Boy

Price: $39.95

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Clutch discs & Pressure plates; We have many!! FA00004 New Old Stock Part
IH Number: FA00004

We have many Clutch discs & Pressure plates. Please call with size and number of splines.

Price: $Call to order

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Clutch Housing Top Cover Gasket - 450, 450D
IH Number: 361280R4

This is the clutch housing top cover gasket.

Price: $19.96

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Clutch Housing Top Cover Cap Gasket - 450, 450D
IH Number: 361258R1

This small gasket is for a cap that sits on the top cover.

Price: $13.95

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Clutch Kit Cub Lo-Boy 154, Cub Lo-Boy 185, Cub Lo-Boy 184
IH Number: 404640R93, 404639R94

Clutch kit for a Cub Lo-Boy 154, 185, 184. Includes pressure plate and disc.

Price: $159.95

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Clutch Kit Farmall M, MD, MV

Clutch kit includes 11" plate and disk throwout bearing and pilot bushing.

Price: $299.95

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IH Number: 251266R1

CLUTCH PILOT BUSHING --- .815 OUTSIDE DIAMETER --- International Applications: CUB, CUB LO-BOY, CUB LO-BOY 154, 185.

Price: $9.95

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Clutch Pilot Bushing - Cub, Cub Lo-Boy, Cub Lo-Boy 154, 185
IH Number: 251266R1

Price: $9.95

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Clutch Release Bearing - Cub Lo-Boy 154
IH Number: 404671R1

Clutch release bearing for a Cub 154 Lo-Boy and Cub 185 Lo-Boy. This does not fit a Cub 184 Lo-Boy.

Price: $98.51

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Clutch Release Yoke Right hand - Cub & Cub Lo-Boy
IH Number: 353240R2

For Cub with Serial numbers 32229 and higher.

Price: $19.95

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Clutch Return Spring - H, Super H, M, Super M, W4, W6

Clutch Return Spring

Price: $19.86

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Clutch Shaft for Cub & Cub Lo-boy (NOT 154 & 184)
IH Number: 351534R11

CLUTCH SHAFT IH CUB IH Fits Cub. 1" shaft, 10 splinesREPLACES OEM # 351534R11 International Cub

Price: $ 155.96

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Countershaft Bearing Cage Gasket - A
IH Number: 47283D

This gasket is also used on the belt pulley shaft bearing cage.

Price: $10.68

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Countershaft Bearing Retainer Cap Seal - Cub, Cub Lo-Boy
IH Number: 350840R1

Price: $11.41

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Countershaft Retainer Cap Gasket - Cub, Cub-LoBoy
IH Number: 350846R1

Price: $9.28

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cover plate 359148R1
IH Number: 359148R1


Price: $38.21

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Cub & Cub Lo-Boy Clutch
IH Number: 351534R21

Cub & Cub Lo-Boy clutch

Price: $249.95

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Cub & Cub Lo-Boy PTO Shift Collar
IH Number: 351286R2

Cub & Cub lo-boy PTO shift collar

Price: $98.72

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Cub - PTO Shift Lever Guide

Price: $6.75

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Cub Gear - 1st & reverse

first and reverse gears for a cub

Price: $38.99

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Cub PTO Lever

This is the lever needed to engage the PTO on your Cub.

Price: $48.95

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Cub Rear Axle Housing Pan Gasket (Cub Final drive oil pan gasket)
IH Number: 350827R1

Fits all Cubs. Your Cub needs two of these gaskets. Made in the USA

Price: $12.99 Each

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Cub Steering knuckle link arm, right hand side NEW OLD STOCK
IH Number: 350777R1

Price: $97.55

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