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Air Cleaner Hose and Clamp Kit - Farmall H, 300, W-4

Kit includes a pair of air cleaner hoses and 4 clamps to service the air cleaner to air pipe and air pipe to carburetor.

Price: $33.33 each

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Alternator Conversion Kit - Farmall M, MD

This 12 volt alternator conversion kit includes brackets, bolts, alternator and resistor. You may have to cut the hood for the alternator to fit. Made in the USA

Price: $271.62 each

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Back Saver Brake Setter - Farmall H

Use this kit to add a "brake setter" to the steering column of the Farmall H. Without the back saver, you'll need to bend over and lift the parking brake lever, with the "brake setter", you simply pull the cord and the lever sets itself.

Price: $103.20 each

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Bolt Kit - Exhaust Manifold and Governor

Kit includes everything needed to mount a manifold to a Farmall H, Super, 300, 350 and many others. We need to know if your tractor has 5/16" or 3/8" studs so you get the correct kit. Kit includes: 6 manifold studs (coarse into block, fine on to nut), 6 brass nuts, 6 grade 5 split washers, and 2 grade 5 governor to carburetor bolts.

Price: $54.96 each

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Brake Band - International H, HV
IH Number: 58344DCX


Price: $94.49 each

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Cable Routing Brackets (Wiring Routing)

These rubber insulated clamps are a sure way to route wiring and fuel, and oil lines to avoid wiring contact and insulate from vibration. Kit includes 8 wiring clamps, 4 of the 3/4" diameter for fuel and oil lines and 4 of the 1/2" diameter for wiring.

Price: $21.49 each

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Exhaust Repair Kit - Farmall H

Kit includes a gasket set for the exhaust manifold, and 6 new studs and nuts.

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Front Wheel Bearing Kit - HV, Super H, M MD, Super M Wide Front Only, W4, 300, 330U, 350.

If the outer bearing on your tractor is much smaller than the inner then this is the kit you need. If both inner and outer bearings on your tractor are approximately the same size you need FP26384.**This is not for narrow front end.** This kit includes everything you will need to repair one wheel. If you want to do both front wheels, you will need to order two kits. Wheel bearing kit for these Farmall tractors, HV, M , MD , SUPER H , SUPER HV , SUPER M (Diesel) , W4, 300 , 330 (UTLILITY) , 350.

Price: $79.72 each

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Fuel System Kit - Farmall H, HV, 4 Series

Kit includes; sediment bowl, new fuel line to carburetor and carburetor rebuild kit. Kit replaces fuel system wear items in the Farmall H, HV, which use the 50981DA or 50981DB carburetor (most all Farmall H models do.)

Price: $194.90 each

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H, HV, Super H Battery Box With Cover
IH Number: 51686DBX, 51680DB

BATTERY BOX W/LID IH FITS UNDER TANK Fits under tank for International Farmall H, HV, and Super H, 1953), W4, SW-4, OS-4 Includes lid

Price: $143.40 each

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Headlight Assy. Kit - Farmall H, M,
IH Number: 45640DB (Headlight)

An excellent addition to restoration and working tractors alike, our 4.5" dual headlight kit is available in 6v and 12v options. Headlight bar kit includes a pair of red headlights, a pair of clamps, a pair of steering tube mounting u-bolts to mount the light bar, and a light bar. Light bar is made in the USA and may be shipped in red primer.

Price: $224.90 - $224.90 each

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Manual Library - Farmall H

588 PAGES TOTAL Our libraby manual kit includes a full set of Farmall H operators, Parts and Service manuals. Whenever we bring in a new model to restore we rely heavily on these three books to fully understand the parts assemblies and service procedures. Buy the kit and save up to 30% over the same items priced individually.

Price: $183.14 each

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Muffler Kit - Farmall H, M, Super H

Kit includes one muffler, one muffler clamp and one muffler rain cap. If you are going to clean up your exhaust, why not do it right? Length 29" Outlet OD 2-1/2" Inlet ID 2-3/8"

Price: $82.05 each

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PTO Shield - Farmall H
IH Number: 66387DAXA

This is a very close replica to the original Farmall H pto shield, and comes painted in primer.

Price: $121.03 each

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Radiator hose kit - Farmall H, Super H

Radiator hose kit - Farmall H Kit includes: 1 upper, 2 lower hoses, bypass hose and eight hose clamps.

Price: $44.66 each

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Seat Spring Kit - Farmall H, M Channel Seat

Is your seat wobbly?Attach the spring to channel, channel to bracket, and bracket to platform, using lock washers, square nuts and a large decorative washer to top the new spring. Every Farmall with a channel type mount (as pictured) can benefit from this.

Price: $97.47 BACKORDERED

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Starting Circuit Kit - Farmall H, M, Early Supers, W-4, 6 Series

Kit replaces the base mount manual starter switch, push button ignition kill switch, cable from battery to switch, cable from starter to switch, and grounding strap. Hard starting, weak cranking, or faulty starting circuits can all be alleviated by this kit. Many electric starting motors are in good condition but inoperative due to weak starting circuit current.

Price: $183.56 each

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Tune Up Kit - IHC Type Distributor - Farmall Cub, A, B, C, H, M, Super A

Kit includes the points, rotor and condenser used in IHC type distributors. This kit works for these IHC distributor equipped models: Cub, A, Super A, B, C, Super C, H, Super H, M, Super M, W4, W6, W9, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240, 300, 330, 340, 350, 400, 404, 424, 444, 450, 350, 400, 404, 424, 444, 450, 600, 650

Price: $45.22 each

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Universal Black Padded Seat - Two Bolt

This is a rigid universal seat with two 1/2" bolts at the bottom. It is made of a Steel pan with a imitation black leather padded seat cover. Ahhhh. So nice

Price: $160.66 each

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