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3 PT LYNCH PIN --- 3/8" DIA PIN --- 1-5/8" USEABLE LENGTH --- 1-5/8" DIA RING --- International Applications: IH MODELS

Price: $8.77

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Bearing Clip - Cub PTO
IH Number: 369875R1

If your PTO shaft has a groove this clip is needed.

Price: $22.84

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Mower Deck Belt - Cub LoBoy 154

If you have deck 3160-U-1111, this is the belt you need. It takes two belts. This is a 60 inch deck.

Price: $28.62 each

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Mower Deck Drive Belt - Cub Lo-Boy 154

This 126 inch belt loops, from the PTO pulley, down and over 2 small pullies and then forward and underneath to run the belly mower. This belt fits the 3160 mower deck. 126" long

Price: $55.89

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Mower Drive Belt - Cub 154 Lo-Boy

This belt goes from the PTO pulley, down and loops around forward to the mower deck. This belt is for the 3260 mower deck and is 156 inches by 5/8 inches. A 161 inch belt is also available.

Price: $54.13

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Mower Spindle Belt - 44C Mower Deck
IH Number: 954-3004

This belt connects all 3 spindles on a 44C mower deck.

Price: $24.72

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Pair of PTO Seals - Farmall H, M, 300, 330, 340, 350, 400, 450, W4, W6, W9
IH Number: 45702D

To replace the original wide seal, this comes as a pair.

Price: $39.87

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PTO Belt - 1450 Cub Cadet with 44C Mower Deck
IH Number: 954-3004

This belt runs from the PTO to the mower deck.

Price: $21.57

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PTO BEARING KIT --- KIT INCLUDES: SEAL, BEARINGS, SNAP RINGS & RETAINING RING --- International Applications: CUB, CUB LO-BOY --- Replacement Part #: IH OEM 126107C1, 369875R1, 69696D & A31260

Price: $94.34

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PTO Clutch Cam Bearing
IH Number: 59769C91

PTO Clutch Cam Bearing.

Price: $55.62

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PTO Clutch Load Spring
IH Number: 527236R1

PTO Load Spring.

Price: $58.03

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PTO Clutch Retainer
IH Number: 527233R1

PTO Clutch Retainer.

Price: $40.86

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PTO Clutch Snap Ring
IH Number: 406986R1

PTO Snap Ring.

Price: $13.55

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IH Number: 387885R1

PTO HANDLE KNOB --- International Applications: 544, 656, 664, 666, 686, 706, 756, 766, 806, 826, 856, 966, 1026, 1066, 1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 1468, 1566, 1568, HYDRO 70, HYDRO 86, HYDRO 100, 4366, 4386, 4568, 4586, 4786 --- Replacement Part #: 387885R1

Price: $20.48

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PTO Opening Cover O-Ring - 400, 450, 504, 544, 606, 656, 664, 666.
IH Number: 384398R1

This 0-ring is for the PTO opening cover. Made in the USA

Price: $28.07

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PTO Shaft Adapter for Letter Series

Adapts an Farmall 1-1/8 inch PTO shaft to a 1-3/8 shaft. Using this adapter you can have your old Farmall run a new mower, auger, seeder, sprayer, or other implement. The adapter comes with a roll pin to attach it to the pto shaft, and is machined for use with quick release implements.

Price: $23.08

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PTO SHIELD W/ Belt Pulley

PTO SHIELD W/ MOUNTING BRACKETS --- W/ BELT PULLEY --- 9-1/2" OVERALL LENGTH --- International Applications: A, AV, B, BN, C, SUPER A, SUPER C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240 --- Replacement Part #: 55398DA

Price: $150.13

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PTO SHIELD W/ MOUNTING BRACKETS --- W/OUT BELT PULLEY --- 10-1/4" OVERALL LENGTH --- International Applications: A, AV, B, BN, C, SUPER A, SUPER C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240 --- Replacement Part #: 55403DA

Price: $172.86

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PTO Shift Lever Seal - M, MD, SM, 400
IH Number: 358831R91

Price: $24.39

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PTO Snap Ring - Cub 154 Lo-Boy

This fits in the PTO on a 154 Lo-Boy

Price: $14.77

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PTO Spacer - Cub 154 Lo-Boy
IH Number: 527233R1

This spacer is needed in the independent PTO on a Cub 154 Lo-Boy.

Price: $41.61

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