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Farmall Collectors Edition Metal License Plate

11 3/4" long and 6" high. Put this bugger on you vehicle and let them know who you represent!

Price: $14.99

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Farmall combine mug

Last ones of their kind!!!! Working hard in the field! Enjoy your morning coffee in this terrific Farmall combine mug. 12oz porcelain

Price: $14.46

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Farmall F-20 Die-cast 1/16 Scale Model Tractor-discontinued

Price: $No longer available

More Info...
Farmall Fleece blanket

Heavy Fleece blanket with Farmall and farm scene 60in x 48in

Price: $36.00

More Info...
Farmall Fleece Lined Jacket **Discontinued**

no longer available

Price: $discontinued

More Info...
Farmall Garden spinner

Price: $call for availability -back order indefinetly

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Farmall Gloves - Rubberized Dotted Palm , Jersey camo

Price: $7.20

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Farmall Gloves - Rubberized Dotted Palm with Two-Toned Red & Black

Farmall Gloves, Rubberized dotted palm with two tone red & black.


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Farmall H Logo Metal Sign

Price: $17.57

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Farmall H Sign - metal

1960s vinatage Farmall H reproduction sign.

Price: $no longer available

More Info...
Farmall H Tractor Parking Only Sign White/Red

12x18in. metal sign to adorn the wall of any Farmall H enthusiast!

Price: $24.79

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FARMALL H, M, Super H & M, 300, 400 TUNE UP VIDEO (DVD)

FARMALL H, M, 300, 400 as well as McCormick W and O Series & Interntational I Series Tractors TUNE UP VIDEO (DVD) --- International Applications: H, M, 300, 400 as

Price: $24.79

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Farmall Hat Pin Set

Two neat Farmall pins. (Includes Farmall M and Cub)

Price: $sold out

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Farmall iPhone 6 plus case

Resists scratches and damage to your phone from everyday use.

Price: $14.37

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Farmall Lightswitch Plate

International Harvester Farmall Lightswitch Plate

Price: $7.00

More Info...
Farmall logo & tractor bandana

Price: $8.54

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Farmall M Tractor Parking Only Sign White/Red


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FARMALL Super M, H, 300, 400 and McCormick W & O Series ENGINE REBUILD VIDEO (DVD)

Price: $24.79

More Info...
Farmall McCormick Plate Distressed Brown/Grey T-shirt

Great quality distressed t-shirt for the Farmall enthusiast! We have some left as they have been discontinued.

Price: $17.95 - $19.95

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Farmall Mud Flaps Set

9"x15" mudflaps for your Scout or non-binder truck.

Price: $39.00

More Info...
Farmall mug

makes a great gift!

Price: $14.46

More Info...
Farmall Mug - Limited Edition

Two models of Farmalls on this limited time mug. Makes a great gift for the person in your life with Farmall Fever! 12oz porcelain

Price: $11.46

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Farmall Neon Wall Clock -no longer available unfortunetly

This is a great quality clock. Beautiful image with real neon. You will be impressed! 1 AA Battery required (not included) AC adapter with on-off switch included.

Price: $Discontinued

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Farmall Resin Alarm Clock - Red barn

International Harvester Farmall Resin Alarm Clock, Red barn

Price: $17.50

More Info...
Farmall Seat Cover for Car or Truck

Easy to install with elastic straps and s-hooks and can be used to fit over or under a removable headrest

Price: $27.11

More Info...
Farmall Sideless Seat Cover with Headrest Cover

Price: $30.85

More Info...
Farmall Sign - 42"x11" BIG BIG BIG!!

This is a Really big sign. 42" X 11" may not sound too big but it is much larger that it sounds. Made of Metal and a 3D image stamped into it with glossy paint. This sign is very high quality and truly show quality. Great gift, you will love it.

Price: $57.50

More Info...
Farmall Tea Stained Distressed Ball Cap

3D Farmall on red felt backing with embroidered black outline and text, Red under brim, Red contrast stitching and frayed / destroyed edges, Tea Staining.

Price: $14.95

More Info...
Farmall Toothpick Dispenser

This decorative dispenser is pretty cool. It's made of very hard plastic with a metal knob which turns rather well. it can hold about 200 to 300 toothpicks. It would sit pretty classy in someones kitchen or lunchroom.

Price: $20.95

More Info...

FARMALL TORQUE-AMPLIFIER REPAIR VIDEO (DVD) --- International Applications: SUPER MTA, 300 SERIES TA, 400 SERIES TA, SUPER W6TA, 460, 560, 656TA

Price: $24.79

More Info...
Farmall Tractor Parking Only Sign White/Red

Price: $Discontinued***

More Info...
Farmall Tractor Pot Holders

set of two, great soft quality cotton

Price: $12.31

More Info...
Farmall Tractor sign
IH Number: M839

This is a Metal sign is a reproduction.

Price: $15.40

More Info...
Farmall Twin Bell Alarm Clock

International Harvester McCormick Farmall Twin Bell Alarm Clock. Digital Quartz alarm clock - Metal Case - Bells and handles - Luminous hand and hour markers - Independent alarm indicator - Second Hand - Runs on one C type battery (not included)

Price: $22.65

More Info...
Farmall Utensil Caddy

Made of galvanized steel sheet metal. 7" long x 5" wide x 7.5" tall. This item is designed to carry things like silverware and napkins to the picknick table. Also great for mail and pens and anything else! You will love it.

Price: $out of stock

More Info...
Farmall Utility Floor Mat, Small

These mats fit perfectly in the back seat area. Special order only.

Price: $17.72

More Info...
Farmall Way Sign White on Red

Price: $23.82

More Info...
Farmall Womens Licensed Camo Cap-limited supply!

Mossy Oak camo hat Pink Washed & Frayed Corduroy Embroidered "Farmall" on Front and pink contrast stitching velcro back closure

Price: $19.52

More Info...
Farmall Xing Sign -discontinued

Price: $No Longer available

More Info...
Flag Banner IH

28" X 40"

Price: $22.89

More Info...
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